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Scuba Diving in Goa

Goa is not just beautiful on the surface but it is even more stunning under the water. Scuba Diving is a sport where you get a chance to witness striking corals, multi-colored shells and different variety of fish. The water in Goa remains clear and calm through most of the tourist season, making it an ideal destination for both beginners and pros.

The underwater experience in Goa not only offers variety of fish and other aquatic life but you also get a chance to witness ancient shipwrecks of Portuguese and Spanish ships damaged in the Second World War.

Popular Scuba Diving Sites in Goa
Amongst the most frequented scuba diving sites in Goa is the Grand Island. The major attractions around here include Suzy’s Wreck, Sail Rock, Surge City, Bounty Bay, Davy Jones Lockers, Turbo Tunnel and the Uma Guma Reef.

If you are willing to travel a distance then be sure to visit the Angria Bank, which is situated around 150 km from Goa and promises a remarkable experience with its huge wealth of fishes and corals.

The Pigeon Islands is known for its clear visibility and exciting underwater life. The beautiful rock formations add to the entire experience.

Malvan Shoal is another must visit place for scuba diving enthusiasts. The Vengurla and Malvan sites located nearby offer amazing visibility and stunning marine life.

Best Season for Scuba Diving in Goa
The best season for scuba diving in Goa is between October and April. The underwater visibility is at its best during this time and the sea remains calm.

Some of the diving centres include the Goa Diving located at Chapel Bhat in Chicalim and Barracuda Diving located at Cidade de Goa beach resort in Dona Paula.