Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in the Canacona region of Goa, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest wildlife habitats in the state. The area was first declared a protected region in 1969 and offers a safe haven for thousands of species of plants and animals. The sanctuary is sprawled over an area of 86 sq km with the Talpona river providing it a perennial source of water.

The forest department at the Cotigao sanctuary has set up an interpretation centre inside the park, which helps educate the tourists about the wildlife reserve and its residents. A 25 metre high watchtower inside the park helps visitors observe the wildlife residents closely.

Widlife Attractions of Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
The vegetation at Cotigao consists of tall, thick forests that make it difficult even for sunlight to break through. Amongst the most sought after wildlife attractions at the sanctuary include tigers, gazelles, porcupines, hyenas, leopards, sloth bears and panthers. An overnight stay here promises an entirely exotic experience though you will need to obtain a written clearance from the forest officer for the same. The vegetation inside the park is mostly deciduous with areas of evergreen forests.

How to Reach Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
Dabolim airport, situated at a distance of 80 km from Cotigao connects the region with other major Indian cities through regular flights. Canacona railway station is located just 12 km away. There are regular trains for Canacona from most of the cities in and around Goa. Poinguinim (2 km) is the nearest town, which is connected to other neighbouring cities through a well built network of state and national highways.

Best Time to Visit Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
The best time to visit Cotigao is from October to March when the weather remains ideal for wildlife watching.