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Goa Fashion

Just like their lively lifestyle, the people of Goa are also known for their colorful clothes, which add to the charm of the place. While the traditional Goan costumes and embroidery work find a place only in museums and private collections these days, the everyday wear has now mostly been replaced by designer labels. The costumes in Goa derive inspiration from its centuries old history as well as from various other cultures that it came in contact with over the years.

History of Goan fashion
The earliest inhabitants of Goa wore clothes made of loincloth and beads, a tradition still kept alive by various tribes such as the Gauda, Dhangar, Zalmi and Velip.

Both Buddhism and Jainism left a great influence on the culture of Goa. The museums in the state depict idols of deities wearing elaborate and intricately carved jewellery. A traditional sari known as the Nav Vari was the main outfit of Goan ladies, which was worn without a blouse.

Festival Attire
The type of clothes worn by Goan people assumes special significance during the time of festivals. The Shigmo festival witnesses men wearing colorful clothes with torans. Chowrang is another dance festival where participants wear colorful clothes.

Islam and Portuguese religions also had a great influence on Goan fashion. While the Muslim religion brought intricacy and a soft colored palette, the Portuguese banned certain Hindu clothing items and accessories such as the nose ring. The Portuguese also forced Goan people to wear western clothes, which subsequently resulted in certain curious indo-western clothing combinations.

Shopping for Clothes and Jewellery in Goa
The flea markets at Anjuna and Mackies are where you need to head to gratify your shopping appetite. If you are looking to buy silver jewellery, then the Tibetan markets in Baga is the ideal place that offers various kinds of delicate silver wear. The place is also famous for custom made jewellery where you can get the items of your choice made right in front of your eyes.