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Goa Cultural Dance & Music

Besides being a heaven of natural beauty and serenity, Goa is also a land of artistic people who are credited for lending the region with a rich cultural heritage, amalgamating the east and west perfectly. Besides the different forms of traditional dance and music, each region of the state also has its own unique form. The urban areas have also adopted western and other music forms from around the world.

Dance Forms of Goa
Goa’s traditional dances bear characteristics of its centuries old lifestyle. Dekni, a dance performed by women is an intriguing blend of traditional and contemporary music while Kunbi is a tribal dance in which women holding beautiful lamps on their heads perform intricate hand and feet movements. Morulem is another folk dance performed during the famous Shigmo festival.

The Zagor dance of the Gawda community is a type of play performed with the backdrop of lovely music. Other dance forms of Goa include the Dhangar, which is an energetic blend of dance and worship performed during the festival of Navratri. Mando is another interesting dance that represents the amalgamation of Indian and western cultures.

Music Forms of Goa
Music is an integral part of every Goa resident’s life. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the soothing sound of church bells there is music at every step of the day. The evenings are adorned with the charming sound of the Mando, a love song by the Catholics, while the festival season is brought alive by the Suvari, another form of traditional folk music that relies on an impeccable synergy of tune and beats.

Besides the traditional music forms, there is also a strong colonial influence on the Goan music. The world famous trance music of Goa is known to breeze its way straight to a person’s heart. The music originated in the 1970s in the beach parties of the hippies and has since become an inseparable part of the life in Goa.