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Goa Museum & Art Galleries

Museum and Art Galleries Goa An unforgettable experience

The museums present in Goa exemplify to endeavor its unique erudition and world class heritage of this state. Goa museums preserve different sorts of artifacts. After travelling to Goa you will analyze the magical charisma all around. It is assured that these golden moments spent in Goa will be added to your memory forever. Intensely Goa is very rich in its culture and tradition; this culture can be easily seen in the people living in Goa. If you want to feel its culture the best option is to visit the museum and art galleries present in Goa. Some of very well known museum and art galleries of Goa are listed below:

Archeological Museum and Portrait Gallery
This museum was stipulated in 1964 by Survey of Archaeological of India in Assisi Church. This Museum is about 9 kms away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. Till now it is under the Portuguese ascendency and after entering in this museum you will feel like you have entered in the age of golden era. This museum consists of opulent and attenuate combination of artifacts, portraits, maps etc. Some conspicuous spectacles of this museum are upper and middle Paleolithic tools of stone. An exiguous Neolithic Celts and Microliths, Alfonso de Albuquerque is a statue of about 6 meters height, huge collection of copper nails and copper coins etc. There are about eight different galleries of the museum each gallery has its own story. Galleries have large number of collection of about 60 portraits of governors and viceroys of Goa. It has an effigy of Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Garuda and Laxmi on both the sides of the museum.

Timing of this museum is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and it remains close on Mondays and all government holidays.

Museum of Goa Daman and Diu
This museum is situated in Panaji and it focuses on all sorts of archives and archeology. Assorted varieties of inscriptions, manuscripts, textiles and coins, all this was once the articulation of history of Goa. At the time when Hindu progenitors ruled Goa they have a huge collection of sculptures. Also it has a huge collection art objects, furniture and statue of ivory from the Portuguese era.

The timings of this museum are from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm on Monday to Saturday.

Museum of Christian Art
It was set in the year 1994 with its unique and exclusive collection, and it is a must watch museum for all the art lovers. It was first situated in Margao but its ambit baffles its popularity. Therefore it was relocated to much more suitable and appropriate location. It is now in Old Goa with the company of the endowment background of the world. Today its collection is peerless and incomparable. It exaggerates some of the world finest archetypes embellishing various churches present in Goa. Its elegant collection consists of Pelican Monstrance, various artifacts, gold coins, ivories and rosary images and precious stones.

With its agglomeration and uniqueness you can't bear to miss the opportunity to visit this museum. This museum is open on all days of the week with the timing from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Naval Aviation Museum
Naval aviation museum is about 6 kms away from the dockyard of Vasco da Gama. This museum generates a feeling of respect and enthusiasm towards the forces of defense of our country. This museum is also a big source to gain and achieve good knowledge about the defense force. But this museum is not as popular as it needs to be. It was set in October 1998 and is situated underneath the Bogmalo Beach and over the large amplitude of Arabian Sea. This museum has two sections one is the in house air section and other is an open air section which displays twelve artifacts, which is the pride and the show larcenist of the museum. Here you are adorned with the shortest and largest Sealand. It also shows the engine of various artifacts from the year 1960's. The collection of this museum is so ethnic and so extensive that it is ranked as the second largest detailed museum of India just after the Naval Museum situated in New Delhi. It also has a Hall of Silence; this place is very cool, placid and peaceful place which is lit up by the soothing blue paintings on its wall.

The timing of this museum is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, it remains close on Monday rest all the days it is opened.

The Art Chamber
This art gallery is owned by Yolanda Kammermeier and Rudolph and it is located 800 meters away from the Calangute Beach. From the month of October to the end of April an exhibition is held in which there is a huge display of art and paintings from all sorts of Indian and international artists. This art gallery was established in the year 1997 and was inaugurated by Mr. P. R. Rane, The chief minister of Goa. Soon after its inauguration this art gallery has became very popular between the art lovers. Famous artist like Victor Lukin and Parech Hazra works has been displayed in this museum. Many kind of painting, craft and art classes are coordinated here.