Sea Fishing

Sea Fishing/Angling in Goa

Goa being a coastal state with hundreds of kilometers long coastline is an ideal destination for fishing and angling enthusiasts. The Agonda beach is considered to an ideal spot for fishing and angling in Goa where you can look forward to catching soormai, mullet and salmon.

Goa is a perfect place to combine your family vacation with a laid back fishing experience. The low lying areas of the state are perfect for fishing during the high tide and the catch received mostly is catfish or ladyfish with a few barramundi also on offer if you are lucky. The bait used mostly is sardine fillets and shrimps, which are easily available in the market.

Although you can choose to fish near the beaches, it is recommended that you choose a quieter place as the beaches receive a regular influx of sea bathers. Another option is to hire a boat from the beach side and travel a distance into the sea to increase your chances of a catch. A three hour boat ride generally coasts between Rs. 700-800.

Equipment Required for Fishing/Angling
Fishing is a sport that does not require heavy equipment. All you need to embark upon a fishing trip is a metal hook attached to one end of a wooden, fiberglass or metal rod. The bait can be purchased easily from the market and fishing boat, if required, can also be hired from the beach.

Ideal time for Fishing/Angling in Goa
Fishing trips in Goa are a chance to rejuvenate as well as mingle with the local culture as it involves catching fish with the local fishermen. The best time to enjoy angling and fishing in Goa is between October and May when the sea remains calm and the weather is almost perfect for water sports.