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Home » Goa Temples » Shri Damodar Temple

Shri Damodar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Sri Damodar Temple is one of the most venerated shrines in Goa and is visited by followers of both Hindu and Christian religions. The Kushavati river, which flows nearby is particularly held in high regard, for its water is believed to have magical powers capable of curing chronic diseases.

The deity is believed to have been established in Madgao hundreds of years ago from where it was shifted to its present location in 1567 by the Portuguese who demolished the temple and built the Church of the Holy Spirit in its place.

The temple can be witnessed in its complete glory during the festival of Shigmo when the place is lit up by festivities including cultural shows based on popular legends and folklore. The festival is popular among followers of all religions and is celebrated with exchange of colours, having meals together and strengthening of the bond between various communities.

Location of Sri Damodar Temple
Damodar temple is situated at Zambaulim, just 20 km from Madgao. The temple’s location on the banks of the Panti or the Kaushavati river lends it its intense charm that draws devotees and tourists alike. The temple is situated in quaint environs with soothing greenery on one side and shimmering river on the other.

How to reach Sri Damodar Temple
Damodar temple is situated just 20 km from Madgao and is easily accessible from any city in Goa. Madgao is well connected to other cities in Goa through well built roads and railway tracks. State transport and other private operators run regular buses to Damodar temple from Madgao’s main bus stand. Alternatively, you can choose to hire pre-paid taxis or rent motorbikes to reach the place.