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Goa Churches Tour Package

Churches of Goa Tour Packages – visit famous churches to feel ambience, architecture and grandeur

Duration: 3 Days

Package Features: Goa - Goa Beaches - St. Cathedral - Basilica of Bom Jesus - St. Cajetan Church - Church of St. Francis of Assissi - Nunnery of Santa Monica - Church of St. Alex

This is just about the local Goa tourist sports where you can enjoy the simple scenery of Goa and the popular churches in the state.

Day 1: Goa
Here you will be transferred to much popular and attractive spot of the Fishing village where local bands and music tracks will entertain the guests.

Day 2 – Goa Beaches
On this day, you will love to enjoy the scenic beauties of the local Goa beaches where white sands, attractive bar-be-cue foods will complete your appetite. You may also cook your own favorite food on the skewers.

Different churches for visitors in Goa – Day 2 and 3

St. Cathedral
This church is mainly dedicated to the St. Catherine of Alexandria. This church is also known for its unparallel grandeur and great interior decoration. It has got 5 bells among which the Golden Bell is the most reputed one in this world.

Basilica of Bom Jesus
It is also one of the most popular churches of Goa which was built in the 16th century. It is in fact enshrined to St. Francis Xavier which has been kept in a silver gasket. This church has been declared the World Heritage Monument.

St. Cajetan Church
This church was built in similar style of St. Peter Basilica of Rome in 1961.its Corinthian façade is dedicated to Our Lady of Divine Providence.

Church of St. Francis of Assissi
It was firstly built in 1517 and since then it has been rebuilt twice in the year of 1521and & 1661. It has also got an Archaeological Museum and the entire interior is decorated with fine paintings. The floor has got several tombstones.

Nunnery of Santa Monica
This church is quite popular for its buttresses and massive walls which have been built as a fortress. This is the only nunnery in the state and is known for its big courtyard and cells & halls of its three storeys.

Viceroy's Arch
This arch was once the gate of the fort of Adil Shah and it also served as the popular gateway to the Portuguese Governors. It has been renovated many times by the conquerors.

Some other churches to visit in Goa

Church of St. Alex
One of the oldest churches in Goa, it was built in 1597 and is situated 9 km from Margao.

Church of Mae De Deus
Built in 1873, this church boasts of fine and lush surroundings. It has been built in the ancient Gothic Style and remains illuminated in the night hours.

Reis Magos Church
This is quite the oldest church of Goa, built in 1555 and has been dedicated to three kings of Magi. Bardez Taluka got this church for the first time. Having a fort in the vicinity, this church also served as a mission center and residence to great dignitaries.

Rachol Seminary
Constructed in 1574 and situated 12 kms away from Zuari River, this church presents a different teaching center of theology and philosophy.

Church of St. Ana
This church boasts of great and fine Christian architecture and is simply dedicated to St. Ana. The unique features of this church comprise of hollow walls and it was constructed in 1695.