Water Skiing

Water Skiing in Goa

A relatively new entry in the water sports arena of the country, water skiing can be even more fun and excitement than snow skiing. Unlike mountainous slopes as in snow skiing, water skiing involves conquering the sea waves while moving at extremely high speeds.

Water skiing involves a few meters long rope tied at the back of a speed boat. The other end of the boat is held by the skier with his feet placed on a ski board to facilitate skidding on the water. While the sport needs a good deal of practice before one gets ready to take on the sea, one should also be a good swimmer just in case the grip on the rope is lost.

Water skiing is a lot like sea surfing with the only difference being that while surfing can be done only in oceans during high tides, skiing can be enjoyed even in small water bodies like lakes. Though it is a little tougher than some of the other water sports, once you get a little used to it, water skiing is a lot of fun.

Best time for Water Skiing in Goa
The most ideal time to practice water skiing in Goa is during the months from October to April. The sea remains calm during the season while the weather is also pleasant and sunny.

Thousands of tourists converge on the beaches of Goa every year to enjoy the thrilling sport of water skiing. There are a number of training institutes and beach resorts that provide all the required equipment as well as short training courses for the visitors. The safety arrangements are of the highest standards and that is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of the sport.

Some of the best places in Goa to enjoy water skiing include Calangute Beach, Cavelossim Beach, Condolim Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Sinquerim Beach and Bogmalo Beach.